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Affordable Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Look no further for ideas to create an affordable baby gift basket! You'll win the heart of Mom and baby with these homemade baby shower gift basket ideas.

Everyone will 'ooh! & ahhh!', and the best part is, no one will suspect how inexpensive and fun they are to make!

Let me define what I mean by affordable baby gift basket. There is nothing on this list that should cost over $50, with many of the baskets costing under $20. . .and that includes the basket! If you are working on a small budget, adjust the basket contents to what you can afford. Many of the baby shower gift basket ideas include homemade items.  For free baby patterns and clear instructions, click on the gifts that are in blue.

These original and unique baby shower gift basket ideas are meant to be inspirational, as opposed to a 'checklist'. Your perfect basket will depend largely on what you find when you shop, so don't limit yourself to the baby shower gift basket ideas that you see on this page...you may find something even better!

Addie's Tips:

  • Make your affordable baby gift basket even more special by checking Mommy's registry and using her chosen colors or theme.
  • With baskets, size doesn't indicate value...it's just as fun to create or receive an itsy-bitsy basket filled with special baby sized gifts.
  • Pick out your basket last, and choose a size that looks full with your contents. Ribbon, raffia and tissue add splashes of color and make inexpensive fillers.
  • Add some color with silk flowers tucked in here and there. Find baby's birth month flowers here.

Affordable Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Baby Feet Basket: footprint kit (ink pad, paper, frame), socks, shoes, baby footprint poem
affordable baby gift basket ideas

Baby Sock Roses Bouquet:
Turn a few pairs of baby socks into this gorgeous and very affordable baby gift basket.  Free tutorial and instructions
Baby Spa: towel or robe, nail clippers, travel sized lotion and baby wash, washcloths, tiny bottle of nail polish for toes, and cut out tiny toe spreaders out of the thicker craft foam. How cute!
Read To Me: favorite board books or Golden Books, book plates, small lamp or night light.  Audio tape or CD of you reading that special book to baby.
One of a Kind Personalized basket: passie clip, monogrammed burp cloths, sleeping sign w/ name on other side, framed name meaning.
affordable baby gift basket ideasCloth Diaper Baby: bottle for wipes spray, recipes for wipes solution, washcloths, natural baby soap, lavender diaper sachet, changing pad. Go funky and fun with your colors, or more organic with a natural toned basket, green raffia and maybe a little soft lamb stuffed animal.
Designer On the Go Set: Custom covered wipes box and coordinating ribbon trimmed burp cloths, custom passie clip. You may want to skip the basket and present this in a little button-on or tie-on stroller bag made of coordinating fabric.
Healthy Snack Basket: Healthy snacks for Mom and Dad like fruit, non-caffeinated drinks in bottles or cans, baked goods (such as muffins, banana bread, etc.) Pack into a wicker basket lined with a checkered paper napkin or some pretty tissue, and tuck in some silk flowers, or even a bud vase with a real flower or two for their picnic. 
Big Brother/Big Sister Fun Basket: Include snacks, juice boxes, and little to-do project and games that the kids would enjoy. Dollar stores usually have plenty of little toys, games, figurines, and even craft kits to choose from.  You may also want to include a puzzle, paper to write a letter to Mommy, card games, hand wipes, gum, etc.  This is a great gift to take to the hospital.
Easter Basket: fill a small easter basket with grass, and fill plastic eggs with travel sized baby items, baby nail clippers, a passie clip, hair bows, booties or socks, etc. Top it off with a fluffy bunny or chick!

Want more inspiration for an affordable baby gift basket? Check out these wonderful homemade baby gift ideas, or this page full of exclusive and super creative ideas for making deluxe baby gift baskets.

Sweet babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.
- William Blake, A Cradle Song