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When my first baby was born, I craved good baby advice. Becoming a parent has been the hardest thing that I have ever done in life, but it's also the most rewarding. Throughout pregnancy, and even through that first year, there are just so many decisions to be made about all aspects of baby's life.  It really is overwhelming.  If you have a suggestion for an article, or would like to 'Ask Addie', just click the link on the sidebar.

Good baby tips are a balm to the soul of first time parents.
We all struggle...let's share tips!
Money Saving Tips:  
Check out Frugal Fran's great baby advice.  She has so many great ideas and strategies to save money on baby.

Cloth Diapering:

Frugal Fran has written a great series of articles about cloth diapering.  If you've ever wondered about saving money using cloth diapers, or would like to see how the modern cloth diapers stack up against disposable, check out this series!
Cloth Diapers Primer
Do Cloth Diapers Save Money?
Cloth Diaper Journal
Cleaning Cloth Diapers
Stripping Cloth Diapers

Baby Care:
Bathing a Newborn
Addie's Top 10 Baby "Must Haves"- My favorites list has some really weird things on it that have made my life so much easier!  

Miscellaneous Articles:
Sewing for Beginners