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homemade baby gift ideas

homemade baby gift ideas

homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby shower gift

homemade baby shower gift

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homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby gift ideas

homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby shower gifts

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Baby Shower Crafts

Homemade Baby Blocks

Homemade baby blocks are perfect for baby shower crafts
...I'll show you how to make them.
T hese homemade baby blocks are just so cute. This is one of my favorite baby shower crafts.

My son's kindergarten class helped color the pictures on this set for a baby shower gift basket that was auctioned off at a school fundraiser.

Baby alphabet blocks can be used to create adorable baby shower centerpiece ideas, or for decorating a baby nursery. 

These blocks make an adorable homemade baby gift that will not only be played with, but cherished long after baby grows up.  

Time required:
A total of up to 3 hours for a full set of 15 blocks.  But you can save a lot of time by cutting out the underpainting step as I suggest below, or by spreading out the decorating among shower guests.
Project time is spaced out easily into several stages (prep, decoration, and finishing) but plan for at least one overnight drying session.  

Difficulty Rating
Easy!  Lots of steps, but a fantastic finished product.

Baby Shower Crafts

Homemade Baby Blocks

baby shower craftsHandmade blocks are one of my favorite baby showecrafts!  
We found an unfinished wooden box that fit our set of blocks perfectly, and created an adorable handmade wooden keepsake box to store our blocks in.  
Check out these homemade baby gift ideas for more baby shower crafts...including the instructions on how to make the box!

Now let's make baby shower crafts!

baby shower crafts blocks

These blocks are made using items found at almost any craft store.  Save tons of time by using stickers for your letters and cute patterned papers from the scrapbook aisle.  
This is a great baby shower crafts project for guests, or a fun homemade baby gifts project for siblings to help with.

What You'll Need:

  • unfinished wooden blocks or cubes.  I made 16  1 1/4 inch blocks.   You'll want at least one block per shower guest.
  • papers with cute patterns and colors.  I used a mix of colors that work for a baby boy or girl, but you can make blocks to match any shower or nursery theme.  
  • letter stickers that fit your blocks-each block will use 2 letters.
  • tiny pictures or stickers for your blocks-you'll use 2 pictures per block. 
  • If you'd like to color your own pictures and letters, please feel free to use these free baby shower crafts PDF pages with letters and personalized baby block pictures that I created for 1 1/4" blocks.  I recommend using colored pencils to color them in. 
  • decoupage paste
  • non-toxic clearcoat spray (optional)
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • throw away brushes
  • craft paints in at least 3 colors + white if you are using letter stickers. . .
  • you could also use colored paper as the background for the letters and save yourself some time. Plan for 2 solid colored squares per block.
Step 1Prep
baby shower crafts
As you can see in the photo, I undercoated my blocks with white and then painted most of the sides.  In the end, this turned out to be unnecessary, as the papers covered the sides very well.  
You would only need to paint or use solid color paper backgrounds for the sides of your blocks that have letters.
First, cut all of your papers and pictures to size.  I like to create a sample of the baby shower crafts for the guests to refer to.

When planning and decorating my blocks, I found it easiest to match opposite sides.  

For example, the side opposite the U is also a letter. The side opposite the gingham is another pattern, and the side opposite the star is another picture.  

If this is one of your baby shower crafts, be sure to put out a sample, and offer some simple instructions for the guests.

Here is how a traditional set of 15 blocks is arranged by lettering pairs:
A/Z, B/Y, C/X, D/W, E/V, F/U, G/T, H/S, I/R, J/Q, K/P, L/O, M/A, N/E, O/I
Step 2- Setting up the workspace 
baby shower crafts

I selected letters, paper, etc. randomly, but you can match them any way you wish.  
Put out the glue and several brushes at a station that will accommodate several shower guests at a time.

Line your work area with wax paper, as the decoupage paste is very sticky.  

Important Tip:  Don't use newspaper, as it will end up getting stuck in your curing glue and ruin your blocks.
 (Don't ask me how I know this.)
Step 3-  Decorating
baby shower crafts Color the pictures/letters with colored pencil.

Each guest can color, design, and assemble their own block in just a few minutes.  

Apply decoupage paste onto opposite sides of your block.  Apply your papers, and then add your alphabet stickers over the solid paper sides.

The guests may even want to sign the block they create.
If your paper needs trimmed after you glue it in place, use a sharp pair of scissors to trim it down to the wood.  Don't worry about the edges looking sloppy...they'll be finished with some sandpaper after the blocks dry. 
baby shower crafts
baby shower crafts This is what your baby shower craft will look like after gluing all the sides on.  Cute!  Line up the blocks on a tray (with wax paper under them, just in case) and show off the set to the mother to be and all the shower guests.
Step 4- Finishing the Blocks
Using a medium grade sandpaper, go along the edges of each block and rub back just until you see the wood. This bevels the edges of the papers which allows them to soak up the glue and keeps them from peeling up.  
It also creates a soft, handworn finish to the blocks.
baby shower crafts
For the final finish, coat each side with a final layer of decoupage paste or non-toxic clearcoat spray.  This will help the stickers and papers to really bond to the surface of the blocks.
Lay them out on wax paper, leaving space between each block so that they are not touching each other.  I like to use a cookie sheet lined with wax paper for this. Allow to dry overnight.  Flip and coat the other side, and let cure well before stacking or storing (48-72 hours).  

Finally, deliver this beautiful set of homemade baby gifts to the lucky Mother to be!

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