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"I just wanted to let you know I used your baby sling patterns today, and made my first baby sling.  I followed your instructions and didn't have any trouble at all!  It was super easy and turned out really good. I think from start to finish...cutting & ironing fabric to finished project...it only took about an hour.  

I was really surprised at how simple it was.  When I just read the directions, I was getting a little confused...but once I had my fabric in hand and followed the instructions step by step, I had no problem . . . even with my first double felled seam!! "

-Angela L.

I just wanted to thank you for your clear baby sling patterns & instructions. I needed a light sling for this summer and was getting very confused by instructions on other sites. I was about to give up and spend a fortune on buying one that might not even fit properly when i stumbled onto your pattern. its the only one I have really been able to understand and doesn't make it seem like too much hard work to make them. thanks to you, my husband and I both have slings to carry our little bundle of joy around in now.

~Bernadette O.

Baby Sling Patternsbaby sling patterns

Welcome to the baby sling patterns pages! 
I'm really in love with my baby sling...can you tell?

There all all kinds of baby slings on the market now, but this is my favorite.  It's on my 'must have' list for anyone with a newborn.  I'm not what you would call a baby wearer.  I just wanted a sling that I could slip on when baby is sleepy or fussy, or when I needed to run into a store and didn't want to lug the heavy carrier seat.  

This sling carrier is very popular right now, and for good reason.  You've seen many a celebrity Mama (and Daddy!) sporting these adorable baby sling carriers, and you can too!  

As a Mom, I love the simple style of the sling, and the versatility of using fabrics that fit my taste and even match my outfit!  I also love making matching nursing cover ups.  

The easy nursing cover pattern is the perfect companion for your baby sling.  It provides instant privacy, but has a peek-a-boo window for Mama.  A baby sling and nursing cover combo allows you to be a mobile nursing station.
There are so many adorable fabrics to choose from both at your local craft and fabric store, or on the web.  
Start here with fabric recommendations, and other fun tips and options for designing your perfect baby sling.

Be sure to stop back by this page and check out the baby sling wearing instructions and safety links below.  

New! Photo Tutorial: My best tutorial yet for sewing your own baby sling with clear photographs and instructions

Quick Illustrated Tutorial: for the seasoned seamstress

Be sure see the Make a Baby Sling FAQ page, or the Handmade Baby Gifts Gallery for evenmore inspiration!

Detailed Baby Sling Patterns 

The detailed baby sling patterns below are great if you are just learning how to sew, or if you want to really customize your baby sling.  There are thorough instruction, great time saving tips, and lots of illustrations to guide you through the process.  Sew a standard sling, a lined or reversible sling, and /or a tapered sling with these versatile baby sling patterns.

Illustrated Baby Sling Patterns: Make a custom baby sling with this highly detailed illustrated tutorial.
Fleece or Knit Baby Sling Pattern: Create a snuggly, form fitting baby sling out of fleece or other knit or lycra blend fabrics.
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Please note: It is very dangerous to carry a baby in a sling that is too long/large for the wearer.  Please use your body measurements when making a sling and use your best judgment anytime you carry a baby in a sling.   Please consider baby's safety as your full and primary responsibility when using a baby sling or carrying a baby in any device.  These patterns are offered to you free of charge, to 'use at your own risk.'  

How To Wear Your Baby Sling

There are many wonderful sites that give great safety and wearing tips for using a baby sling.  Here is a site with really good photo instructions on how to wear a baby sling.  I also love these printable .pdf pages from Hotslings that show folding and wearing instructions for 3 different holds.  Here is a great video from Peanut Shell that tells you more about fitting and wearing your baby sling safely.  

More videos for wearing a baby sling from peanut shell here

Why I Love My Baby Sling

This baby carrier sling is very versatile.  It can be used with every age and stage of child from the first days as a newborn, until your child becomes too heavy to carry on your hip. There are also multiple ways to position the baby in the sling, which is very appealing as some babies hate to feel pinned down, and others love that tighter swaddled feel.  I also love that this sling is styled so that the weight of the baby is spread out across your whole upper torso.  Just like a pregnant tummy, the pouch balances the load over your whole body. . .but thankfully, you can take the baby off when you get tired.  

I find that I can carry my baby much longer in a sling than I can by carrying her in my arms.  She loves the safe feeling of being able to see the world while snuggled in close enough to hear my heartbeat.
 Baby Violet falls asleep all the time in the sling...even in the studio with a flash going off!  There is a bit of a learning curve when you first wear a sling, but carrying and holding my baby in this style of sling feels natural and safe for both of us.  
I love it that you can just slip it on and go.  There are no buckles or straps to adjust, it folds down to be very small and portable, and it looks great.  I have used mine as a blanket, nursing cover, changing pad, etc.   Victoria, my older daughter loves to steal it out of my purse to use as a shawl on the frozen food aisle.  
My favorite use for the sling is for making a quick run into a store.  I can toss my sling on, and put my baby in the front, and then stuff my wallet, my keys and phone in on the side (pushing them toward my back so nothing pokes baby).  I love it that there is no heavy seat to tote or cart required!  Even Dad can get in on the action.  Our sling is my husband's favorite piece of baby equipment.  Once you are used to it, it is super fast to get baby in and out in (which becomes more critical when you encounter the inevitable spit up or leak.)  I hope you enjoy making your own baby sling carrier from these free baby sling patterns!