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Colors Chart

birthstones-colors H ave you ever wondered "What is my birthstone?" I can show you, on this traditional birthstones colors chart.
I like to incorporate a baby's birthstone into a gift of jewelry for baby.  

Baby's birthstone is one of the best ideas for Mother's Day presents and gifts for expecting Moms.
 Birthstone jewelry for Mothers is a classic and time honored gift. The birth of a baby, or Mother's Day is an excellent time to begin this tradition.  Birthstone jewelry is widely available. There are lots of options in birthstones colors and jewelry styles including rings, necklaces, charms,and brooches.

I found the history of birthstones and the secret meanings of birthstone colors very interesting as well.

I am partial to the local jeweler. There is no substitute for the voice of experience and a personal touch when selecting fine jewelry.  They'll generally have jewelry catalogs on hand so that you can choose from a wide variety of styles of birthsone jewelry. The style you select is ordered and then set with your specific birthstone colors. Your local jeweler can also size, clean and maintain  your birthstone jewelry as needed.

Flowers are the classic compliment to a gift of jewelry. Make your gift even more personalized by including birth month flowers in your bouquet. Or make something special for Baby using their birthstones colors from this list of adorable handmade baby gift ideas!

“there is no doubt that the owner of a ring or ornament set with a birthstone is impressed with the idea of possessing something more intimately associated with his or her personality than any other stone, however beautiful or costly”
G.F. Kunz The Curious Lore of Precious Stones

The history of birthstones colors dates back to at least the first century, and may be rooted in the Ephod and breastplate of the Jewish High Priests, which was set with 12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. (Exodus 28:17-41) Whatever the origin, the use of colored stones and symbolism runs across many cultures.

Birthstones colors have secret meanings?  The birthstones colors chart above shows the traditional colors that most of us associate with modern birthstones, but many of these gemstones come is a variety of colors.  Historically, each color of stone was ascribed a different meaning, and this varied by who was wearing the stone.

This practice of ascribing meaning to stone colors is antiquated.  I just found these interesting, even though they are not usually widely known or followed today.  I wouldn't  be dissuaded from using a color that I love based on these 'secret meanings'. 


worn by a man- denotes secrecy (appropriate for a silent lover)
worn by a woman- generosity

White or Clear

worn by a man- friendship, integrity, and religion
worn by a woman- purity, affability, and contemplation


worn by a man- command, nobility, lordship, and vengeance
worn by a woman: pride, haughtiness, and obstinacy


worn by a man- wisdom, high thoughts
worn by a woman- jealously in love, politeness, vigilance


worn by a man- joyousness, transitory hope, decline of friendship
worn by a woman- unfounded ambitionideas-for-mothers-day-presents.html, childish delight, and change


worn by a man- gravity, good sense, constancy, and strength
worn by a young woman- fickleness and foolishness
worn by a married women-constant love and perseverance


worn by a man-sober judgment, industry, and gravity
worn by a woman- high thoughts and spiritual love

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