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Thank you for visiting me here at www.handmade-adelaide-baby.com.  I hope you enjoy all of the homemade baby gift ideas, and free crafts, patterns and information found here.  It's my joy and honor to share these ideas with so many wonderful friends.

Please feel free to use the contents of my website for your personal, non-commercial projects.  If you would like to share a project, pattern or article that I have written, please just contact me here at Ask Addie.  I like to exchange links with similarly themed sites, and I love it when my readers link back to my site.  Here are some free link back buttons for your convenience.

Did you know that using directly copied content will hurt both of our sites in terms of search engine ranking?  So please don't just copy my content onto your site or blog.  I would be happy to offer another alternative if you'd like to share something you've found here on your own site.  I have even been known to write an original article or craft for another site if time allows...just ask me.  

Full Disclosure Regarding Links and Ads

The cost of running this website is offset by the ads and affiliate links that you'll find through out the site.  I am very grateful for the support of my wonderful visitors, who help fund this site by clicking on ads or purchasing items through affiliate links.  Thank you very much!  

I will always be totally honest and transparent with you about any links that finanially benefit this site.  Ad linking and affiliate programs do not affect the price you pay for any items you buy through linked sites.  

Affiliate Partners: If you are planning on purchasing items through one of our trusted affiliate partners, please consider using these links.  I so much appreciate your support!

Honest Reviews:  I value your good opinion, and my reputation of being a trustworthy and legitimate voice for reviews and recommendations.  As such, any recommendations or reviews that I post will be completely honest.  I will never recommend an item that I wouldn't spend my own hard-earned money on.  If I recieve a free sample of a product in exchange for a review, or if this site will earn revenue through affiliate sales,  I'll clearly state the terms on the page.  

Family Friendly Ads: Google places their own ads based on keywords taken from my page, and they usually do a great job of keeping relevant and family friendly ads in place.  If you find any link or ad offensive, please let me know immediately (the link or company as well as which page you have seen it on), and I will  permanently block and/or remove any offensive content.

Copyright Notice 

I so much appreciate all of the sweet notes and comments from my internet friends.  Thank you for being the nicest bunch of crafty buds around!

So here's the unfortunate small print for those who aren't so nice.  All you  law abiding citizens and nice crafty folks can stop reading right here.

The copyright of this website is owned by Handmade Adelaide and the owner and creator, Gwendelynn Brown unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved. No part, in whole or part of parts may be reproduced, distributed, republished, displayed, broadcast, hyper-linked or transmitted in any manner or by any means or stored in an information retrieval system without the prior written permission of Handmade Adelaide.

Please Note:  Infringing on copyright hurts both of our sites at the search engines.  Yahoo, and Google do not take stealing content lightly.  Adelaide’s Great Uncle Nester is a mean and nasty copyright lawyer who takes great joy in persecuting prosecuting copyright violators.  
lease don’t incite Uncle Nester by copying and using content from this site for your commercial or personal website.  Uncle Nester has a keen eye and he'll find you!

Conditions of Use:

Handmade Adelaide grants permission to users to download and print the materials on this website for personal or gift giving applications or educational use only. Commercial use of any kind is strictly prohibited, including, but not limited to using patterns to create items for sale, copying content onto another website, selling copies of any content in whole or in part, etc.  Users may not modify the materials in any way, and should retaining all copyright, proprietary notices and text contained in the materials.  The documents and materials on this site may be freely printed and distributed providing its use is strictly non-commercial and for educational purposes, and all copyright notices are included and unaltered.

Warranties and Content:

The documents, materials, and contents of this site are made available without warranty of any kind. They may be updated, altered, expanded, edited or removed at any time.  All reviews and statements on this site are offered strictly as opinions, and should not be taken as professional or medical advice.

Trade Marks:

The trade marks, service marks, and logos, including the Handmade Adelaide Image and the name Handmade Adelaide ("Trade Marks") that are used and displayed on this website are registered and unregistered Trade Marks of Gwendelynn Brown, owner of Handmade Adelaide. 


Users also must have Handmade Adelaide’s direct written permission to insert a hyperlink to this website on any other website or "mirror" any material contained on this website on any other server.   

Interested in exchanging links?  See the links page or contact me for more information.