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Deluxe Baby Gift Basket Ideas
You'll be the talk of the shower when you arrive with a gorgeous deluxe baby gift basket!  The great news is, creative and unique ideas don't have to cost a fortune.  Get all the best baby shower gift basket ideas right here. From organic to designer themes, I've got you covered with great ideas for every baby and Mommy!

These luxury baby shower gift basket ideas are meant to be inspirational, as opposed to a 'checklist'. Your perfect basket will depend largely on what you find when you shop, so don't limit yourself to the baby shower gift basket ideas that you see on this page...you may find something even better!  

Choose a gift and style that best fits Mother and baby...want even more inspiration?  Here is a larger list of themes and stuffers.

Many of these deluxe baby gift basket ideas include handmade items that can either be purchased or  created by you for an extra special touch. For free baby patternsand clear instructions, click on the links.  In a rush?  I have hand selected some great items from Amazon.com for your convenience.

Full Disclosure: The gift reccomendation links provided below through Amazon.com are provided for your convenience.  I appreciate your use of these links, as my site recieves a small affiliate commission from the items you purchase, which helps offset the expenses of running this site.  Amazon does not inflate prices based on affiliate links.  

Deluxe Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Deluxe Baby Feet Basket:  Use a series of coordinating photo storage box as a keepsake 'shoeboxes' for a tiered deluxe baby gift basket.  Add a selection of favorite baby shoes and socks, a footprint kit, baby footprint poem, baby shoe bronzing gift certificate, etc.  For a girl, add a few tiny bottles of nailpolish for her first pedicure as a finishing touch.  

Deluxe Baby Spa:  Give baby a taste of the good life with a custom spa and bath baby shower gift basket.  Tuck your treasures into a baby tub, with some blue tissue and sparkeling shreds, and top with a rubber ducky.  Your spa deluxe baby gift basket can be fun or fancy and include items such as a monogrammed towel or hooded robe, nail care set, organic baby wash and lotion, monogrammed washcloths, etc.  For a girl, add in tiny bottles of nail polish for toes, tiny toe spreaders cut out of the thicker craft foam, and  a no-slip boutique hairbow...How cute!

Deluxe Baby Library Basket:
 Perfect for your budding reader! Include your favorite series of baby books or board books, personalized book plates, a cute reading lamp or night light, a teddy bear or stuffed animal for cuddling, a tape or cd of you reading your favorite bedtime story to baby. You may even choose to include a one year membership certificate to a baby book of the month club.

One of a Kind Personalized Basket: Sterling monogrammed passie clip; sterling monogrammed baby bracelet; Monogrammed burp cloths, wipes box and blanket; baby sleeping sign w/ baby's name on other side; framed name meaning; personalized crib bag, stroller bag or diaper bag. You can decorate and stuff the bag with gifts instead of a basket

Organic Mommy/Natural Baby Basket: Cloth diaper starter kit, wipes spray and washcloths, recipes for wipes solution, organic baby soap and lotion, Organic cotton blanket or romper, lavender diaper pail sachet with essential oil, pack of organic cotton onesies or a toy. Decorate a natural toned basket with green raffia and choose a sweet handmade toy. Or you could go more hippie or bohemian and play with tye dyed accessories and some really fun colors!

Handmade From the Heart Baby: Knitted or crocheted sweater and bonnet set, a hand knit blanket, booties, wooden or crocheted hanger set, lavender drawer sachets. To make this truly a deluxe baby gift basket, use a luxury yarn, such as wool/angora or silk blend.  There are several free knit and crochet patterns for blankets, baby sweaters and matching hats on the free baby patterns page.

Little Cowboy or Cowgirl:
 Diaper bag made out of blue jeans-stuff with Bandanna or denim blanket or quilt; trumpette cowboy or cowgirl socks, customized travel wipes box; bandanna trimmed burp cloths; denim baby sling. There are some super cute cowboy or cowgirl fabrics out there!
For a show stopping presentation, stuff the diaper bag with the gifts, and 'lasso' it onto the saddle of a Rocking Horse. Decorate this basket with denim, brown craft paper, natural raffia, twine, rope, or bandannas tied on as bows...etc.

Vintage Baby
: A delicate bassinet, wicker basket, or even a vintage baby themed planter are the perfect containers for a charming vintage deluxe baby gift basket.  Include a beaded name bracelet, a chenile blanket or quilt made from vintage inspired fabrics, favorite vintage baby books (I love anything by Eloise Wilkins, and many are still in print!), antique baby nursery planter with flowers, Johnson’s baby lotion and bath products, silver spoon with baby's monogram, a gift certificate for baby shoe bronzing or a gift certificate for a professionally drawn vintage style baby portrait, a framed family tree for Mom and Dad to fill out, etc.

Retro Baby:
Fill a colorful tub with fun retro toys, books, clothing and classic DVD's.

Prairie Girl (or Country Boy): Choose a vine basket, bushel basket, picnic basket or Moses Basket for a rustic feel.  Stuff your basket with -a tiny calico bonnet and gown, flannel or calico blanket or baby quilt, handmade doll or wooden toy, handmade baby blocks, M.A. Hadley child's pottery dish set, etc. My First Little House Books series is also a wonderful choice for a prairie girl.

Sweet Sleep Soother basket:
New parents need all the help they can get to get a good night's sleep.  Wrap up a basket of soothing nightime goodies including a swaddling Miracle Blanket, a soothing CD, Mylicon gas drops or Hylands Tablets, Pacifiers (I like to include a few different brands and styles so baby can 'test drive' them), a cute custom passie clip, a baby sling Goodnight Moon book, a clip on light for Mom, microwave heat pad to sooth a colicky tummy, and a good book on soothing baby, like the Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp.

Addie's Tips

Make your deluxe baby gift basket a perfect fit by checking Mommy's registry and using her favorite colors or theme.  If you enjoy making a gift yourself, you can build a deluxe baby gift basket around one of these homemade baby gift ideas, or free baby patterns.  Even with a deluxe baby gift basket, size doesn't indicate value...it's just as fun to create or receive an itsy-bitsy deluxe baby gift basket filled with special baby sized gifts.  If you choose smaller gifts, pick out your basket last so you can choose a size that looks full with your contents.

Check out this page if you're looking for smaller or more affordable baby shower gift basket ideas.  No matter what your budget, you can make a deluxe baby gift basket...simply adjust the basket size and contents to your budget.

Ribbon, raffia and tissue add splashes of color and make great fillers. Add additional color with a cute stuffed animal or with flowers tucked in here and there. To add an extra touch of personalization, find the baby's birth month flowers or birthstone colors here.

The hair she means to have is gold,
Her eyes are blue, she's twelve weeks old,
Plump are her fists and pinky.
She fluttered down in lucky hour
From some blue deep in yon sky bower--
I call her "Little Dinky."
- Frederick Locker-Lampson, Little Dinky