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Adelaide's Family Album

Meet Addie and her family!

I've been told I was born with a pencil in my hand, and that I picked up a needle and thread soon thereafter.  I have been creating things for my home, family, and friends ever since!   
I have been creating all sorts of adorable and practical things for my own babies, and I'm currently in baby love with my third born, baby Violet.   
Sharing ideas with others is one of my favorite pastimes.  

I am so very grateful to all those who have shared ideas with me, and so graciously tolerated my ramblings.  Now, through the power of the internet, I'm elated to be able to share my ideas with other kindred spirits.

I appreciate the value of handcrafted items on many levels.  The 'adorable-one-of-a-kind, handmade-with-love' value that is found in handmade items, as well as the 'practical-way-to-save-money-by-making-things-yourself'. My sister, Frugal Fran is an expert at finding strategies to save money, and will also be contributing to this site.  Meet Fran and more of my extended family here!  

And because I'm a Mom, I loves to swap trade secrets and ideas with other baby loving folks... Check out Addie's Articles & Baby Advice, to find lots of practical tips and tips for caring for baby.


My husband, sweetheart, and master of frugal living.  George is a patient, hard working, and generous gentleman.  But his favorite hobby is finding ways to not spend money.  If I receive flowers, they are most certainly picked out of my own garden.  Outside of work, George loves to play with his kids and enjoys working in the yard to ensure that he has flowers on hand to pick. He enjoys carpentry and is very handy with repairs.  He can often be found working on a remodeling project around their old home, or helping out with Aunt Hattie’s home repairs. 


Ever the independent and dramatic young lady, and secondary matriarch of the house, Victoria is our eldest daughter.  Her interests include talking and storytelling, horses, animals of most any kind, talking, drawing, reading, enacting complicated and dramatic scenarios with her dollhouse family, impromptue performances involving dance and drama, and antagonizing Vincent. 

Victoria attends school strictly for the benefits to her social life and the convenient access to a larger library...though she does learn some things in the process.  She also considers herself to be Violet’s true mother, and can be found toting her around the house dressed in doll clothes. 


Our red-headed son.  Vincent is a loving, generous boy with as much energy as a steam engine at full stoke.  He loves to read, draw, read, build things, read, take things apart, and his only known mode of transportation is running.  Vincent doesn’t like food that he’s never tried, but loves almost everything that he does try…in large quantities.  With ketchup.  Also known as Vincent the Villan for his penchant for taking things apart.

Baby Violet

The dimpled little dumplin’ that inspired Adelaide to create this site.  Her dark auburn hair, big blue eyes, and velvety soft chubbiness keep the whole family in baby love.  Please don’t grow up too quickly baby Violet!


The one who is really in charge of this whole operation. Gertrude sleeps during the day, and runs the house at night.  She has perfected the skill of becoming a clean laundry weight and warmer.  We pay her in poultry.