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Addie's Family Tree

Thrifty Aunt Francis 

Franny is my younger sister.  As children, we were arch rivals, but grew to be true friends as young women.  Fran and I have always had the good fortune to live within a few miles of one another, and they have children the same ages as well.  Fran is a whiz at finding strategies to save money.  Look for Frugal Fran’s piggy bank icon for tips and strategies to save money!  Fran is also our field correspondent, and will be writing articles full of practical ways to save money, especially ways you can save money on baby!  She is especially thrilled with the notion of writing some articles on our adventures in cloth diapering.

Great Aunt Hattie 

Our etiquette expert and my dear godmother, Aunt Hattie is my favorite aunt.  As a child, I loved to ramble through Aunt Hattie’s grand old Victorian home, and spent many hours digging through the treasure chests of old clothing in her attic.  Hattie is as gentle as a feather bed, and as polished as her antique silver tea set.  She is a true Southern Belle, with an innate sense of decorum and etiquette. 
addies family tree


 The doting grandmother, Mippi was named by
her first grandson.  Since
then, herfirst name has been quite forgotten.
As a young woman, Mippi was trained as a florist, and also taught kindergarten and art.  She is full of loving instruction and wisdom for her daughters and grandchildren, and is one of my dearest friends.

Great Uncle William Nester Howe III
is my very fiesty great uncle.  Uncle Nester is a mean and nasty copyright lawyer who takes great joy in persecuting prosecuting copyright violators.  He helped Adelaide with her copyright statement, which can be read here, and keeps Addie on the straight and narrow to abide by copyright regulations.  If you see anything on this site which you believe violates your copyrights, please contact Adelaide at once.  And please don’t incite Uncle Nester by copying and using content from this site for your commercial or personal website. 

Great Grandpa John &

Great Grandma Ellen

John was a feisty young Scotsman who immigrated to the United States around the turn of the century.  Here, he met his lovely Swedish bride, Ellen.  Together, they built a life from scratch, first working as tenant farmers, and eventually acquired their own farm.
Great Grandma and Grandpa raised cows for milk, and chickens for eggs, and every fruit
and vegetable that went on their table.

They thrived during the great depression,
and their table and home were always warm with hospitality to anyone in need.

My Great Grandparents made a lasting impression on me. I learned to revere
their resourcefulness
and admire the joy that they found in hard work and simple living.