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homemade baby gift ideas

homemade baby gift ideas

homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby shower gift

homemade baby shower gift

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homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby gift ideas

homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby shower gifts

homemade baby gift ideas free baby patternshomemade baby gift ideasunique baby gift ideas

Homemade Baby Shower Gift

homemade baby shower gift
You can find the all of the components for this precious homemade baby shower gift at your local crafting store on the scrapbooking aisle.  That's right!  It's my favorite secret for adorable baby accessories.  I found these adorable daisy flower brads, cute binder clips in bright colors, and even the ribbon on the scrapbooking aisle!

Adorable Pacifier Clip

This is such a cute and affordable homemade baby shower gift idea!  It looks like it came from a trendy baby boutique, but in reality, it only costs a few dollars and a few minutes to make.  

I made several of these for my little darling, and I think any new Mom would love one or two of these easy homemade baby gifts.  

A pacifier clip is very useful for those little ones who need their binky nearby.  The wonderful thing about a paci clip is that it keeps baby's binky off of the floor, and within easy reach.  Best of all, this simple little tether will work with any kind of pacifier that has a little air hole or vent...which is almost any kind.  
Use these directions as a guideline for the unique supplies you find.  You can use any type of ribbon, clip or brad, and even buttons to customize the look of your homemade baby shower gift.  All of the components I used were purchased on the scrapbooking aisle of my local craft store (I ♥ Hobby Lobby)

At the bottom of the page, there's a photo tutorial for attaching the pacifier to the clip. I'm also including a little tag to attach to your homemade baby shower gift, so everyone will know exactly what it is!

Safety Notes:
The finished length of your ribbon should not exceed 6" according to safety standards for choking hazzards.  

I would recommend limiting the use of these pacifier clips to a very young baby, as the parts and pieces aren't made for little grabby hands, and may end up in the mouth.  Please keep baby's safety as your primary focus when choosing components for your paci clip.

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homemade baby shower gift

Homemade Pacifier Clip Directions

homemade baby shower gift
You'll need:
  • A cute brad or button-the kind with the loop on the back work best.
  • Floral wire if you're using a button
  • 18 inches of thin ribbon-1/4 to 1/8th inch
  • 1 clip of your choice (see below)
  • A lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon
  • Scissors

pacifier clip options Here are a few different options for your clip:
Alligator Clips are strong, and useful for wiring on long narrow items
Mitten Clips
are great because you get 4 clips per pack and they can come in great colors.
I.D. Badge clips
are strong and usually have handy holes for securing and wiring on decorations.
The cute Mini Clip that I used in this tutorial came in a variety pack of great colors.  They were sold on the scrapbooking section of my craft store.
homemade baby shower gift
Step 1
Securely tie ribbon to the hole on one side of clip.
Seal edge of ribbon by quickly and carefully running it past a flame.  This melts the end and keeps the ribbon from fraying.
homemade baby shower gift Step 2
Push the back of the brad through the other side of the clip, and bend tabs back to hold in place.  Curl the ends under so that baby won't get poked.  This part takes a little patience.  I used a small flathead screwdriver as a tool.  

If you're using a button, put the loop through the hole.  Feed a small length of wire through the button loop.  Wrap both ends around to the topside of the clip, work them under the button and back through the hole and then twist around the button loop snugly to hold the button in place.  

This step takes some fenagling, but you want a tight hold with no sharp edges...and you want the clip to still pinch open.
homemade baby gifts Step 4
Make a generous 3-4 inch loop at the end of your ribbon as shown.  
homemade baby gift ideas Step 5
Now we're tying a knot.   I have no idea what the real name of this knot is.  Where is  Vincent, my boyscout, when I need him?  But you're basically tying your loop into a knot on itself.  OK, now I'm confusing us both...It's really very easy:

Just take your flattened loop, make a loop out of it. Now just poke the end through your loop.  

Slip the knot about midway on the length of ribbon so that you still have a very generous loop left over. Pull to tighten up your knot.  It will look like the photo below.  You may also stitch your loop instead of tying it if you're handy with the sewing machine or needle and thread.
homemade baby shower gift Step 6
Almost done!  This is what your homemade baby shower gift should look like now.  Measure your ribbon to be sure that it's not longer than 6 inches.  If it is, loosen the knot and re-work it to a total length of 6 inches or less.
homemade baby shower gift Step 7
Trim off the extra ribbon close to your knot and carefully heat seal it, as instructed above.
homemade baby shower gift Lovely!   You may print out the tag below so that Mommy and guests will know exactly what this cute little lasso is for.  

Homemade Baby Shower Gift Card

homemade baby shower gift

To print the card, right click and choose 'copy'.  Now open a new document in your word processing or publishing program.  Right click and choose paste.  I recommend printing on card stock.

Cut out your tag, and punch a hole in the corner just above the pacifiers.  

Attach to the pacifier clip, so that everyone at the baby shower can 'ooh' and 'ahhhh' at this adorable homemade baby shower gift.  Well done!

How to Attach a Pacifier

homemade baby shower gifthomemade baby gifthomemade baby shower gift


To attach the pacifier (or your card) to the paci clip, poke the end of the loop through the handle or an airhole, and slide the pacifier (card) to the knot.  Now reach through the loop, and grab the clip.  Pull the clip through the loop, tighten, and clip it onto the nearest fussy baby.

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