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Ideas for Mothers Day Presents

ideas for mothers day presents

The perfect Mothers Day gift is right here in this list of great ideas for Mothers Day presents. 

Adelaide has put together this classic and creative list to inspire you and help you find the perfect Mothers day gift. 

Moms come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and personalities, so these ideas for Mothers Day presents range from creative to heartwarming to over the top! 

Addy Says:
"Choose something that really fits Mom's personality, and you can't go wrong."

Mom's are usually great at giving hints, so keep your eyes and ears open.  Your own Mom is the best source for great ideas for Mothers Day presents!  Some Moms are sentimental, and love heart warming, handmade gifts.  Others may enjoy a really special meal, an event or outing, or just spending quality time with family.  Choose something that really fits Mom's personality, and you can't go wrong.  

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Adelaide's Ideas for Mother's Day Presents

Write a poem about your wife or mother. Tell her how much she means to you, or how it makes you feel to see her with your child.

Create a card for Mom...use family photos or some of the free clip art from this site to create a beautiful card that Mother will cherish. You may even want to write a poem, or use some of the Mother's Day quotes from this site.

Breakfast in Bed and a full night’s sleep. No need to cook unless you just really want to. Get some fresh cut fruit at the grocery store, and her favorite breakfast treats. Muffins, donuts, or a bagel and a hot cup of her favorite coffee. And don’t forget the flowers!

Add some special sentiment to a bouquet or flower arrangement
by including family birth month flowers.

Mothers Day Jewelry Your local jeweler is a treasure trove of great ideas for Mothers Day presents.  One of the most classic and time honored gifts for Mom is Mothers jewelry, which features family birth stones.  There are many different types, such as Mothers rings and pendants, and tons of styles to choose from.  Find excellent tips for selecting Mothers jewelry, and all of the traditional birthstones colors here.

A Gift Certificate for a Mother& baby portrait at her favorite photographer or by an artist.

Portrait of Children, family or new baby done from Mom’s favorite photo. Pastels are beautiful for an informal decor, while a classic oil portrait works well in a traditional interior.

Sterling Photo Jewelry

Picture book of highlights of her year as Mom.  These are simple and fun to do on sites such as Flicker, My Publisher, etc.

Weekend Getaway to a Bed and Breakfast or another favorite destination: 

Don’t surprise a new Mommy with a trip, as she will need and want time to prepare. She will probably want to pick the caregiver for baby, plus pack, pump and ready herself for time away from baby. You can surprise her with a trip that is a month or so away, or just choose a surprise destination. And if you’re really, really thoughtful, you’ll see that she gets a little spending money before hand to spruce up her wardrobe. 

It’s fun to announce a trip by burning a CD with favorite romantic songs that might even hint at the location of your trip. Mom can listen to her CD as she prepares for the trip. Later, the CD will become a keepsake that brings back memories of your time together. You could surprise her with the slide show idea below, and announce the trip plans at the end; or, after your trip, create a slide show of photos with some of those special songs to commemorate your time together.

A Sentimental Slideshow DVD: Put in a few special photos of the two of you (wedding, etc.), pregnancy photos, and 'first year as a Mom' photos. Set it to a favorite song, such as “Isn’t she lovely”, “I'll take care of you” by Stephen Curtis Chapman, or a favorite that reminds you of your wife.

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

~Desmond Tutu