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Practical Ways to Save Money 

...with Frugal Fran

I am excited to share my best kept secrets and practical ways to save money, whether you're a veteran thrifter, or are just testing the waters of frugal living,  Saving money on a budget is not just a lifestyle...it can become a really fun hobby, as well as an addiction!  

Maybe you've seen the seizure-inducing studies that show how much money it takes to raise a child.  Well, wad that study up and throw it away immediately!  With Fran on your team, you'll save money on baby, learn all about the pros & cons of cloth diapering, raise frugal & fashionable kids, and discover all sorts of practical ways to save money!

Practical Ways to Save Money on Baby

Save Money on Baby
save money on baby Adelaide has already shared the best handmade baby gift ideas and homemade gift basket ideas.  Make these great baby items for yourself and as gifts for a fraction of the retail price.  Be sure to check out all of the free crafts and patterns, including the baby sling pattern and the nursing cover pattern.  Both are simple enough for a beginning seamstress to put together in less than an hour.   They are both very cute and practical, and make an excellent baby gift.

Do Cloth Diapers Save Money?
One of the biggest expenses with a baby is diapering.  After hearing some positive reports of modern cloth diapering, I began doing lots of research.  I  had lots of questions when my I was toying with the idea of trying cloth diapers.  

Of course I wanted to know 'Do cloth diapers save money?' and 'How much?'  As well as other important questions like: 'Do they leak?' or 'Do you have to change a diaper every 45 minutes?'   I needed to know if this qualified as one of the practical ways to save money, or is cloth diapering more trouble than it's worth.  

After lots of thorough research, I became frustrated because the articles and discussions that I found were all written by committed cloth diaper advocates and were full of confusing abbreviations and lingo.  I was having trouble finding real numbers or data as far as estimated savings.  So Addie and I decided to conducted some hands-on research of our own.  We've come up with some real numbers that might shock you!   George even came up with an equation to help you figure out your own savings based on your own costs and the type of disposables that you use.  

Find out for yourself: is it worth it...or are there more practical ways to save money.do cloth diapers save money

Save Money Budget WardrobeCloth Diaper Primer
What are the different kinds of cloth diapers?  What features and options are out there?  What's essential, and what's not?  How do you know how many diapers to start with?  I'll share my must haves list, and crack the code of basic cloth diaper lingo.  

Save Money Budget WardrobeDo Cloth Diapers Save Money?
Find out what my monthly savings is, and input your own numbers into our equation...can cloth diapers save you money? 

frugal living thrift storeMy Cloth Diaper Journal
Read all about our hands-on experiment with going from disposables to cloth...cold turkey!  I dish on my criteria for the perfect diaper.  Can cloth compare to my favorite cuddly disposable brand?  Find out what works, what doesn't and which brand we L-O-V-E.  And see our ultimate leak test...not for the faint of heart.   I'll share the best and the worst, and you can decide for yourself...are there more practical ways to save money on baby?

strategies to save money sewing

Strategies to Save Money on Sewing

Sewing things for your family and home is one of the most practical ways to save money

strategies to save moneyLearning to sew does require some initial investments in tools and a good machine, but it is one of my favorite practical ways to save money. I'll tell you how to find the best sewing machine for a great deal, and how to save big on fabric.  Learn all of my best sewing tips!  Sewing is a great skill that not only helps you to save money on a budget, but it allows you the freedom to express your creativity and personal style.

You can create clothing, curtains, quilts, gifts, re-upholster furniture, make pillows, repair stuff around the house, and so much more. Sewing has even become a nice income stream for many work from home parents!

Check out Addie's Sewing for Beginners article if you're just learning to sew.